Enchanted by the Creator

Let me just say that the only true thing I want anyone to know about me is that I believe in and serve a Holy God! I am a Christ-follower; I have been redeemed in the blood of Jesus; I am a mess, and even STILL.... God uses my mess to point others to Himself in the most gracious and loving manner. I'd love to share my story with you- so just ask! The biggest victory in my life has redeemed me, pursues me relentlessly and leaves me forever enchanted.

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”                    ― Christopher McCandless

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” ― Christopher McCandless

Morning church with my broseph @ironman_iz!

Morning church with my broseph @ironman_iz!

I met a sweet new friend in a coffee shop this summer and asked her for a favor….with her creativity and artistic gifts this is what she make me! I cannot thank you enough @k_wick! I’m so excited to open these journals and start writing!! #thankyou #amazing #sweetfriends #coffee #journaling #picstitch

I met a sweet new friend in a coffee shop this summer and asked her for a favor….with her creativity and artistic gifts this is what she make me! I cannot thank you enough @k_wick! I’m so excited to open these journals and start writing!! #thankyou #amazing #sweetfriends #coffee #journaling #picstitch


On my way to San Diego and also on my returning way home i had the blessing of having coffee and lunch with a dear sweet friend of mine named Lyric! This precious woman of God is just as incredible and enchanting as her lovely name. I have had the blessing of doing life with her two summers in a row through a mission project with the ministry Campus Crusade for Christ. I have loved getting to grow alongside, sweet Lyric as i have offered advice and wisdom to her as well as her me. The Lord has truly outdone Himself crafting this woman and i am so so thankful to call her my friend as sister. 

In both leaving and returning from nannying in San Diego i got to just really share in and confide some deep struggles i was having in my spiritual walk with God to Lyric. Her calm and gentle demeanor, and listening ear was exactly what i needed in both times. As i shared about these struggles, i recognized that they were embarrassing. I not only felt restriction in opening up to talk about them but pride to cover them up. However, an even stronger feeling of peace and power otherwise known as the Holy Spirit began raining down upon me, my tongue, and our conversation; then allowing me to enter into His presence with Lyric in confessing of sin upon my heart and deeper issues that i had not even recognized yet. Both encounters with Lyric and the Holy Spirit were SO refreshing and so liberating to confess that sin in the presence of the Lord and to a sister who would hold me accountable for the repenting of it.

I know that the Lord went far beyond time of Lyric and I’s friendship to create that time, that moment, and that celebration of walking in righteousness with Him. Thank you Lord! Here is a picture of the sweet beauty!

Thomas Huxley states, "Friendship involves many things but, above all the power of going outside oneself and appreciating what is noble and loving in another." 

This is so true about Lyric, she continues in all her friendships to go outside herself to appreciate, encourage, and love others so well! I am blessed to be one of the people touched by her love. 

About a about two weeks after Lyric and i last saw each, i received an email from her that not only made my day but melted every part of me with it’s truth. Here is what is said: 

"Hey beautiful!! How is Texas?! So i was praying for you this morning and i was reminded of a conversation i had a little while ago where my friend went to Napa & noticed that the grapevines had no irrigation. and the vineyard person said "the deeper the vine has to search for water, the sweeter the grape". Im praying that this would be true of you & your heart while seeking the Lord to know him, love him, & obey him! And Jer. 29:13&14 is a wonderful promise to meditate on 
I hope being in Texas & being with Becca is helping you feel poured into!
      Love you   - Lyric”

What a treasure it is to have such a friend as this. One that points me to truth, loves me where i am at, and pushes me to seek the Lord harder and more in all that i do! I don’t know if you will ever see this Lyric, but i pray that the Lord blesses you immensely for how you use your gifts for Him and to love others so well, myself included. Love you sweet friend! 

Mother Daughter Trip

My last weekend in San Diego ended with my mom and sister picking me up and spending four extra days in San Diego vacationing and having some girl time as mother and daughters. 

It was so fun not only for me to simply spend time with my mom and Jacee, but also to share this beautiful place and spaces that the Lord has used to touch my heart in intricate ways the past four summers. San Diego has become my home away from home and in many ways my spiritual place that i escape to. To get to show them each little place, beach, coffee shop, cliff, sunset, and sighting was in many ways like me showing them the very essence of who God is to me and how i see Him in my relationship with Him. They may have not seen it as that but it very much so was. 

My mom and i have always been pretty close. I don’t ever remember not going to her or talking about things with her. However, since going to college and being “on my own” i think my maturity has grown drastically, then allowing me to truly see how much i took her and all that she does for granted. Seeing her through a new set of eyes the Lord allowed me to have throughout college has really allowed our relationship to grow that much more closer and stronger. It’s amazing that when our eyes shift from ourselves onto others how our perspectives change so drastically, to the point where when we truly see others- we can’t go back to seeing ourselves. I believe that’s what the Lord did with my heart when He regenerated it to Himself. And allowing me to see my mom and all that she has been through, as well as all that she has done and keeps doing- was a huge blessing out of that heart regeneration. I love her SO much. I don’t even have the amount of words to express how much i respect and adore her. What i truly admire most about her is her relationship with Jesus and consistency in her walk with the Lord through trials and hardships. I falter in the midst of trials with God, my mom on the other hand trusts, is obedient, knows her identity in Christ, and walks forth in faith. I am amazed at this in her! Thank you Lord for giving me a momma that is such a godly and faithful example of you and your love for me. Thank you Jesus for teaching her how to walk with you daily so that she could teach me. Thank you Momma for who you are, all that you’ve done for me and continue to do!

My sister Jacee and i have always had a rocky relationship. I think going through different life stages and just never matching up on that level created hardships for us to understand each other. Again i feel that since going to college, the Lord has really matured me in how to love her and understand her better. I will confess that our relationship is not great or perfect my any means, and i do get very frustrated with her and how she expresses herself to me. However, when it comes down to it- i love her very much. I was thankful that she came to California to have a girls trip and to show her my life each summer out in San Diego! Jacee is going into her freshman year of college in August. My prayer for her is that the same way God captured me and regenerated my heart, that He would do the same for her. That he would beckon her to Himself, and mature her in ways that would allow her to see others before herself. She is an amazing young woman, full of so many talents and gifts that i wish i had! I see all the things that the Lord can and will use her to do. My ultimate prayer is that Jacee would give full control of her life over in surrenderance to Jesus, that the gospel in all it’s fullness would saturate her heart and life and that she would just truly get it, get what this life is about walking in fullness that never goes empty! Lord i pray these things earnestly for her, and i ask that you help me love and serve her selflessly and in a manor that shows you and glorifies you.

One cool thing about our trip was our amazingly kind tour guide. My friend Jon willingly volunteered to take us around some areas that i have never been, but also that i knew my mom and sister would love! He was also extremely generous to give us 50% tickets to Sea World as he works there. It was such a fun day and we got lots of local info about history and different areas from Jon. Such a kind new friend that i’m extremely thankful for. Jon, if you ever read this or even if you don’t know how thankful both my mom, sister, and i were for your kindness and generosity that day. It was encouraging for me to see a brother in Christ whole heartedly serve other with no expectations in return. That is not something to be seen every day. Thank you for loving your sisters well! I’m blessed by your friendship!

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Breakfast at my FAVORITE place called “The Mission” with their famous french toast! Mmmhhh!


Driving to the top of Point Loma and hiking to see an old light house, then a view of some cliffs where Jon often surfs!

We spend a half day at Sea World after exploring in Point Loma. We got to see many shows and were all amazed at the capability of these amazing animals to learn how to be trained for these shows! 

The next day we went down town and at lunch, saw some old ships, then went across the bridge to Coronado Island and spent most of the day there! Coronado Island is my mom’s favorite spot in all of San Diego! Look this place up because it is gorgeous! 

The last day we hung out and around mission beach and pacific beach, i showed my mom and jacee some fun places, shops, and eateries that i liked to go to. We finished the day off by driving to La Jolla, and walking/playing down on the La Jolla shores beach. I of course wanted to watch the sunset there and take some pictures! I love photography and the art that it is, so i tried to capture and edit some cool images! Hope you enjoy! 

Overall it was a wonderful mother daughter trip! I always wish my trips to San Diego could be longer, but i am thankful for the time and opportunities in which the Lord has given me to be there! Including time with my sweet mom and sister! Definitely counting my blessings over here! Thank you Papa! 

Week 5- The Grand Finale

My last and final week in San Diego nannying for the project families was so much fun, but equally so sad. I will forever cherish the memories of these families, the kids, and Polly & Andrea in my heart. Here are the highlights and catch ups!

1. Snorkeling- The previous Saturday, my friend Elijah who i’ve known for four years picked up Polly, Andrea and I to go snorkeling in La Jolla! We rented wet suites and gear and jumped in the car for this adventure! We had heard that if you take frozen peas and go out into the water to drop them, fish will  come out and eat it. So Polly was thrilled about this and brought frozen corn, seeing as we had no peas, and did just that when we went! It was so cool to see all the fish come out and literally swarm around her eating the corn, but i got super freaked out with the fish touching my legs and feet! haha We snorkeled in a cove in La Jolla and swam against the waves for most of the four hours we were there. As you can assume we were exhausted when we finished. One cool thing about this cove is that there are seals that gather in it and swim so close to humans in the water. Polly and I tried to chase them and touch one. We later found out that they do not like that and we were lucky to have not gotten bit. Uh oh! haha Lastly, Elijah’s friend Cory came and hung out with us, he is an awesome photographer simply for fun! He took some sweet pictures of me inside a cave, you can see my silhouette only but it is great! Here are some pictures! 

2. Church- The Next day, Sunday was my last time at my favorite church in all of San Diego- Clairemont Emmanuel. Ironically, Polly, Andrea and I all ended up wearing floral! So of course we HAD to take a picture!

3. Adventures with the kids- We did some fun outings with the kids such as walks to the dolphin park, the parrot cages, stroller walks on the beach with ALL seven kids, cuddling, snuggling, coloring, singing, building and climbing! Lots and lots of fun activities to keep the kids active and entertained! Uh, i love them so much! Here are some pictures that can hopefully give you some glimpses into these precious little hearts. Seeing life through their eyes is probably one of my favorite things about caring for children. I wish i had their excitement, trust and innocence in times! I’m thankful that my Savior allows me to learn from and through them. Here are the little cuties!

4. Sunsets- One night this week one of my roommates in condo G and i literally RAN out to the beach to watch the gorgeous sunset together! Her name is Beth Barkley, and i mean it when i say she is absolutely beautiful inside and out! I spent many late nights staying up talking and watching a show on netflicks with her. We got addicted watching this show called “Revenge” it was so bad how addicted we were but resulted in so many fun nights and memories! haha One of which we stayed up until 5:30 am watching 6 back to back episodes! hahah Anyways, watching the sunset with her was absolutely breath taking! Our friend Lauren, who was watching too, came up and took some pictures of us so i’ll post those! This sunset was so beautiful! I love how God tangibly displays himself through His creation. He chooses to do this, even though He doesn’t have to. It makes me think of how He often does that through me in my life, even though i don’t notice it or praise Him for it- He does. Through my gifts, my weaknesses, my victories, and my struggles- God displays Himself in me and shines through my incapable heart. Sometimes its hard for me to believe God really is seen in me, or uses me….but as i looked at that beautiful sunset i couldn’t help but SEE and FEEl Him, and when i really look deep i know that i am also i sunset of Papa too! Thank you Lord for beautiful sunsets that display your ultimate beauty! (Beth is the one with her hair down, Lauren is the one with the camera)

5. Baptisms- On Wednesday the leadership gave the students an opportunity to respond to the Lord in obedience through believers baptism. Polly, Andrea and i had to watch the kids because their parents were all baptizing people, but we were allowed to go out to the ocean to watch. Oh my goodness… i have never been so blown away in my entire life. I watched these students give short explanations of why they were wanting to follow the Lord in being baptized, then i watched them all fifty of them walk into the ocean with excitement, humbleness, and repentant hearts- to be baptized. It was absolutely incredible to see many many student walking, running, and jumping into the crashing waves of the ocean on Mission Beach and being baptized. Oh what a joy for me to get to see this! I was immediately reminded of the passage in Luke 3:1-22 where John the Baptist began baptizing a crowd of people. This image of these obedient students who truly got the gospel, walked amongst community in rawness, and exposed their whole hearts for the Lord to work fully in; they painted this picture seen in Luke 3. I am SO thankful for their decisions to be baptized, which is NOT what makes them saved, but is a outward expression of an inward decision to follow Christ with their hearts and lives. Amen to that Lord!! As i stood still with sleeping baby Noah in my arms, i look at all of the joy that was going on around me. I was in tears and my emotions were flooded with humbleness and inexpressible joy as well! I stood there soaking it al in and praying for God’s hand and Spirit to work in the precious baby in my arms. For Him to grow into a strong man of God who follows in obedience. The simple fact that i GET to watch what was happening, and GET to hold this sweet baby praying for his salvation one day was more than my heart could handle! I am overwhelmed with Your goodness Lord, thank you for that blessing to experience that! Here are a few images of this, and little Noah! 

6. Sight-Seeing With Jon- God sent me an incredible friend this summer, as i met Jon Blakemore at FNL which is the summer project’s weekly worship meeting. He is a local, born and raised in Point Loma which is a beautiful part of San Diego look it up! Anyways, i think i was just in a place of discouragement spiritually and also hadn’t really gotten to go out and explore/get out in San Diego this summer as opposed to other summers. So when i met Jon, we just had really great conversation about the things that the Lord had taught and showed him when he went to Australia, and the things the Lord had taught me when i did a year exchange in Kansas. We have similar experiences in going to brand new places, and having to cling onto the Lord. All of which was incredible encouraging to me spiritually, and was a good reminder of how God was good and faithful to me in Kansas and will continue to be to me now even in this spiritual valley i’m in. After talking for a while, Jon kindly offered to show me some different parts of San Diego that were a few of his favorite spots! Ironically after being there for four summers, i had never been to any of the places he mentioned. So Wednesday night Jon picked me up and took me on an adventure exploring some of these spots. It was so much fun and so refreshing continuing our conversation of God and how He works. My only request was that we watched the sunset somewhere cool! So Jon took me to this huge cliff that overlooked Blacks Beach, which is a hot spot for good surfing. The view from the cliff was…..uh….what word can be an adjective for GORGEOUS! There is just something about sunsets on the ocean that blows me away, i can’t explain it. I could literally, not even kidding, literally sit there and watch it and the waves crash in all day and all night! It never gets old, and it never stops. Again this is a reminder to me of Jesus, He never gets old He is always new and makes me new, and  He never stops- He is constantly pursuing me and working in me to see Him and the Father more! Even through nights like this! 

7. Staff Farewell Banquet- Every summer when the staff and leadership prepare to leave, the students put on a farewell banquet to honor them all. It is really fun and it a sweet sight to see all of the students blessing their disciplers’, leaders, and trainers. Polly, Andrea and I were asked to babysit the night of this so that the kids parents (who are the project directors) could sit easily and enjoy being showered with encouragement and thanks  without chasing children. So the three of us got dressed up and took pictures with a few friends and then with all the kids! It was mayhem getting them all together, without squirming, to all look in the same direction and all smile! Whew! hahah it’s so funny the sequence of pictures i have from the few minutes the parents and us three girls attempted this group picture. As chaotic as it got, i had to sit back and chuckles watching every single one of them run, walk, crawl, squirm, and roll away in every different direction! haha How beautiful are each and every one of them in many many different ways. I love looking at them, admiring how God has crafted each particular one. They all are little/big reminders for me that my God is a specific, intricate and beautiful God! Thank you Lord for allowing me to love Bella, Isaiah, Noah, Sawyer, Reagan, Charlotte and Tyce! I love them so much! 

Here we all are! lol this was the best shot! hahah oh thank you Jesus for sweet babies and laughter! :)

Had the blessing of attending #austinstonechurch this morning with @mojohines! It was #phenomenal!! Thank you Lord!  (at The Austin Stone Community Church - St. Johns)

Had the blessing of attending #austinstonechurch this morning with @mojohines! It was #phenomenal!! Thank you Lord! (at The Austin Stone Community Church - St. Johns)

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom (at La Jolla Shores Beach)

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom (at La Jolla Shores Beach)

My new friend Jon was so kind to take my mom, sister and I on an adventure to Point Loma, the light house, and shore line! We all were blessed by his insight as a local and genuine heart to serve us! Thank you @jblakemore1 we had so much fun! #latergram #pointloma #lighthouse #memories #picstitch  (at Point Loma Lighthouse)

My new friend Jon was so kind to take my mom, sister and I on an adventure to Point Loma, the light house, and shore line! We all were blessed by his insight as a local and genuine heart to serve us! Thank you @jblakemore1 we had so much fun! #latergram #pointloma #lighthouse #memories #picstitch (at Point Loma Lighthouse)

Yesterday’s adenture! #latergram #seaworld #picstitch (at SeaWorld)

Yesterday’s adenture! #latergram #seaworld #picstitch (at SeaWorld)